MyMedicare - Guide to exporting and importing the CSV patient list into Cubiko

A Step-by-Step Guide to Exporting the CSV Registered Patient list for MyMedicare from PRODA and Importing into Cubiko for streamlined patient Registration Tracking Metrics

View your Step-by-Step Guide to exporting a patient list from Proda and completing an upload in Cubiko! Watch a short tutorial of steps 2-5 HERE!

Step 1 - Exporting MyMedicare Registered Patient Lists from Proda


Step 2 - Upload file

Select a file to import that is in a CSV format. 

Step 3 - CSV Validation before processing

We will validate the CSV file before processing to ensure there are no errors.

Step 4 - Confirm upload

The CSV upload may be successul but return with errors for certain rows which will be listed. If you confirm the submission, those rows will be omitted.

Step 5 - Write updates to Best Practice (Optional)

If you have updated to Best Practice Premier Orchid Sp1 Revision 1, you can update your registered patient records from the CSV upload of MyMedicare registered patients in Cubiko. 

NOTE! The MyMedicare CSV import can be uploaded in Cubiko within
Cubiko settings > MyMedicare tab:

Top Tip! For optimal MyMedicare patient registration tracking, Cubiko suggests performing this export and import process weekly to ensure the most current data is at your fingertips. The more frequently you do this, the more up-to-date your metrics will be.

Some of the key MyMedicare metrics this import will apply to are:

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Step 1 - Export My Medicare Registered Patient Lists from Proda 

1. Accessing the patient list

To Access the patient list you will need to log in to the Provider Digital Access (PRODA) and have been set up with access to the My Medicare program. 

  • If you do not have a Proda account, you will need to register for an account here- Register now: Provider digital access. 
  • If you are unable to access the MyMedicare Program
    • Check the Organisation Site is active and has added MyMedicare under the Program Registration tab in the Organisation Register
    • Check the user has been assigned the following attributes for the organisation in PRODA. HPOS-Access and HPOS-MyMedicare-Program-Staff

*For more information please visit the Services Australia website- MyMedicare.

Once you are logged into your PRODA account you can access the patient list by selecting "My Programs" and then selecting "MyMedicare". The patient list will display from within the MyMedicare program. 

2. Export the Patient List

Use the patient list "search criteria" to perform a search that will then bring up the "Complete Registrations". You can just press search or choose a date range which will bring up your entire list for export. 

and then select "Export Complete Registration list". 

This will export the Patient List into an Excel spreadsheet (CSV file) which will download to your computer. Save this and download your allocated file, ready for the import step. 

*Note the personal details in these screenshots are mock data and taken from the Services Australia website.

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Step 2- Upload a file

Import the Patient List for MyMedicare into Cubiko to access streamlined Registration Tracking metrics

To import the Patient list for MyMedicare go to Cubiko Settings > MyMedicare tab.

Upload file

Here you can select the "Upload file" button. This will open up the files on your computer, select the exported file that you saved from PRODA. 

Once you have selected the file- Hit submit!

You will not need to make any edits to the file for it to process correctly, unless you see errors in the follow validation steps.

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Step 3 - CSV Validation before processing

We will validate the CSV file before processing to ensure there are no errors. 

The following columns are being validated:


If the validation was all successful you will see the below. Clicking confirm will apply your upload successfully. 

TOP TIP! Post successful upload the data will take an overnight extraction to display in your MyMedicare dashboard. 

If there is an error with the CSV uploader you will get the below error- this could happen if perhaps a whole column was deleted and can not be verified. Should this occur you will need to re-export and ensure no changes are made to the CSV file prior to upload:

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Step 4 - Confirm Upload

The CSV upload may be successful but return with errors for certain rows which will be listed below. If you confirm the submission, those rows with be omitted. 

TOP TIP! You may find some errors for patients here where the Medicare card number does not match, however, the card you have on file in your practice management software may be correct. This can occur for patients who have recently had new Medicare cards issued.  There are 2 reasons this may cause an issue:
- The previous number alongside the new number are both active for 1 month before the old number is removed. This can cause some errors where it is unable to match. 
- The patient registered with MyMedicare several months ago.  The MyMedicare details on the CSV will reflect the details at the time of registration, which may not be the same as the current details with Medicare, or on the patient's Bp file.
You can update the CSV file with the new details if you wish to update the details for this patient, resave it in the correct format, and reimport the CSV file.  Alternatively, you can manually update the patient's file in Bp directly.

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Step 5 - Write updates to Best Practice

Would you like to update the patient within Best Practice to match the uploaded MyMedicare CSV? Select the "Update Best Practice" button below!

NOTE! This function is only available on the latest version of Best Practice.

If you have the most up-to-date version you will see the blue button:

If you are on an older version you will see this message:


If you would like to perform this write back please select "Update Best Practice". Otherwise you can select Don't update. 

The table will show which patients in Best Practice can be updated to match the uploaded CSV. 

Upon successful update, you will see a list of "Patient updated"

If not patients require an update as this has already been marked in Best Practice you will see the following message "No patient updates needed".

The update in Best Practice will appear in the patient's demographic details in the "Registered for MyMedicare" tick box. 

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