Cubiko workflows for Receptionists

Insights on how you, as a Receptionist, can use Cubiko in your practice every day

Here you will find resources and training videos on how you as a Receptionist, can use Cubiko. 

This article provides the following:

Key Cabinets - All with key focus metrics that align with the above workflow- see the workflow for suggested frequency.

NOTE:  At this stage, not all metrics are currently available for our MedicalDirector customers. The Cubiko team is hoping to make these metrics and insights available to you in the future.


Training for Receptionists

Valuable insights into how the admin team can utilise Cubiko on a daily, weekly or monthly basis!

Learn the basics of Cubiko at your own pace HERE!

You will learn about:
  • How to navigate around your Cubiko dashboard and overview of features
  • Overview of the Cubiko metrics and how to use them
  • The daily, weekly and monthly workflows you can implement to streamline your day-to-day.

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Cubiko workflows for Receptionists: Checklist of key metrics to look through on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis

Download our Cubiko workflows for receptionists document and the My Dashboards link with the metrics specifically for your reception team.  

Download the Cubiko Workflows for Receptionists here

Download the My Dashboards - Reception workflow template here


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Today's clinic metrics

Once you have logged into Cubiko, navigate to Clinic Insights. From there, select the cabinet Today’s Clinic Metrics.

In this cabinet, you will see a range of different metrics that are looking at the day ahead. Key metrics to focus on here are:

  • Unconfirmed appointments today:
    Check and confirm unconfirmed appointments. Here you can see your patients who frequently Did Not Attend (DNA) and ensure that they adhere to your cancellation policy. 
  • Possible service opportunities today:
    See a list of patients who are coming in for an appointment for the current day, and who may be eligible to have certain service item numbers such as Health Assessments, GPMPs, and vaccines completed. You can filter this list to provide the details to your individual Practitioners. 
  • Recall appointments to rebook:
    Check patients who did not attend a recall appointment type, and do not have a subsequent appointment booked or completed in the diary. 
  • Outstanding debt:
    This metric can help identify unpaid accounts to increase cash flow and
    reduce the risk of bad debt. Check this at the beginning of each week to identify patients coming in for an appointment and flag prior to the patient attending.

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Appointment optimisation

Once you have logged into Cubiko, navigate to Clinic Optimisation. From there, select the cabinet Appointment optimisation.

Use these metrics to ensure you are getting the most out of your appointment book utilisation and setup. 

  • Appointments that may not be eligible for Medicare-subsidised telehealth services:

    Review the List of appointments that may not be eligible for Medicare-subsidised telehealth services to see a list of upcoming patient appointments that may not be eligible for Medicare-subsidised telehealth service rebate. Eligibility is based on whether the patient has had a face-to-face service at the practice in the past 12 months. 

    Ensure you tick the box Telehealth appointments only to refine your patient appointment list. 

  • Rebooking Rate:

    Use this metric to see which patients who had an appointment in the date range selected have made a subsequent booking within the next 36 months. 

    This is great for tracking those appointments that you want patients to rebook for on the way out such as:

    • Annual skin checks
    • GPMP and TCA review (choose your frequency)
    • Health Assessments (over 75 and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander)
    • Custom appointment types

    The Appointments with no rebookings show those completed patient appointments that currently do not have another appointment booked in the following 36 months.

    The Rebooked appointments not of selected type show those patient appointments that have other appointments booked in the next 36 months following the original appointment that are not of a booked appointment type selected in the filters.

    Use the lists to have reception call those patients who didn’t rebook at the time, so they can book an appointment proactively.

  • Appointments to be rebooked:
    This metric will look at any patients booked in with a patient where the doctor is marked away/unavailable. Review this and reschedule patients booked in when Practitioners are away or the clinic is closed.

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Use this metric daily to quickly and securely verify patient item eligibility. Results for QuickCheck searches are valid for 24 hours and appear within our QuickCheck > Verified eligibility tab for anyone with access to the QuickCheck cabinet to view. Results are also displayed in the individual doctor's My Cubiko dashboard. 

NOTE: Cubiko QuickCheck is not included in the standard Cubiko Subscription; for more information on how to get started, please see Getting started with QuickCheck on our Knowledge Base and refer to your Management team. 

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Links to webinars and resources of interest to your role

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